Hardin Kight Associates retains a staff with a variety of technical expertise and our Glen Burnie laboratory is AASHTO accredited.  The diversity of expertise allows HKA to offer the following services:

Construction testing and inspections

  • AASHTO accredited laboratory soils testing
  • Flexible wall permeability testing for clay liners and impervious cores
  • Constant head permeability testing for granular soils
  • Ground improvement – deep dynamic compaction,  aggregate piers
  • Embankment construction – compaction testing
  • Foundations – spread footings, deep foundations
  • Soil improvement – chemical enhancement
  • Pavement construction - thickness and density determination
  • Lagoons and landfills clay and synthetic linings -  inspection and testing
  • Portland cement Concrete testing and inspection
  • Post tension concrete construction inspection


  • Site investigation evaluation - pre-purchase, preliminary, full
  • Investigation and evaluation of existing foundations
  • Recommendations for foundations – bearing capacity/settlement analysis
  • Groundwater assessment – dewatering recommendations
  • Recommendations for site development
  • Stormwater management investigations/recommendations
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Retaining wall design
  • Rock assessment using conventional and geophysical methods
  • Examination and assessment of karst terrain
  • Pavement design